Doņa Ana County
Land Use Regulation and Zoning Ordinance

Article 8: General Minimum Development Requirements

Section 8.0 Purpose
The following standards apply to development in all Districts, unless variances have been granted by the Planning and Zoning Commission.

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Section 8.8 Lighting

      1. Exterior lighting is required for all employee and visitor parking areas, walkways and building entrances and exits, and ingress and egress.
      2. No light standard shall exceed 10 feet in height unless the light standard has a light cutoff of 90 degrees or less, in which case the maximum height shall be 30 feet;
      3. No light source shall be fixed to any building so that rays are perpendicular to the building face;  and
      4. All direct rays of the light source shall be confined to the site.

Source date: 5/4/99